ALEX LPG / Why is it worth it to install an LPG system in your car?

Autogas – why it's worth it?

Learn about the advantages of LPG

LPG equals longer range for your car, environmental protection, as well as significant fuel savings. In other words – more money in your wallet, improved user convenience and eco-friendly driving. Autogas is the smart choice!


LPG is the cleanest conventional fuel. There is no harmful benzene, lead compounds or sulphates in its exhaust. The combustion of LPG generates smaller quantities of carbon compounds than petrol. Compared to petrol combustion, LPG combustion emits up to 60% less carbon monoxide, up to 50% fewer hydrocarbons and 50% less nitrogen oxide, and up to 10% less carbon dioxide. Note that such results are only possible under certain conditions. This includes having a  properly selected, installed and tuned LPG system.

The conclusion is simple – choosing to use LPG not only allows you to take care of your health, but it also delays adverse climate changes and helps prevent smog and acid rain.

It makes you ECO-FRIENDLY.

What is LPG?

LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas and is a  product of the extraction and refining of crude oil, as well as natural gas extraction. It is a  mixture of propane, butane and other gases. It is flammable but non-toxic. When subjected to low pressure (2-8 bar), it turns into a  liquid. This is vital, as LPG’s volume in the liquid state is about 250 times lower than in the gaseous state. Thanks to this, large volumes of LPG can be stored in relatively small areas. Although autogas is odourless, a characteristic odorant is added to it for safety reasons.

Autogas lets you travel further

Autogas lets you travel further

Compared to other fuel types, choosing to fill up your tank with LPG always lets you travel more miles for the same amount of money. Every car equipped with an LPG system can also run on other fuels, such as petrol or diesel (yes, diesel vehicles can also be fitted with LPG systems – primarily in heavy transport), as well as running as a  hybrid. This allows you to drive much farther without refuelling. You always have a  second fuel tank on board if you need it.

An LPG system always pays for itself

LPG is much cheaper than petrol and diesel – that’s a  simple fact. This allows you to quickly recoup any expenses needed to install an LPG system, regardless of whether you travel near or far. If you cover an average of 2,000 kilometres a  month, your savings are bound to be significant. It is possible to recoup the costs of installing an LPG system after driving as little as 10,000 kilometres. Of course, the more you drive and the more fuel your car’s engine combusts, the more you save on fuel. The return on your LPG system investment is simply a  matter of time.

Use the savings calculator if you want to know the exact recoup time and the amount of annual savings in your specific case.

Do you need more arguments?

It is worth knowing that LPG systems are very safe and efficient. Such systems are extremely fine-tuned and must comply with restrictive homologation standards, with even the slightest deviations disqualifying them from use in vehicles. The production technology incorporates the highest level of safety features, greatly exceeding those applicable to petrol fuel systems.

. Another important advantage of LPG is that the fuel is introduced into the engine cylinders in gaseous form. This is the best option for your engine as it prolongs its lifespan. It makes ignition smoother and more efficient and prevents the protective layer of engine oil from being washed off the cylinder walls.

Autogas is the smart choice

LPG is a  solution for responsible drivers who know what they want and are aware of the advantages that an LPG system provides for their car. Choose LPG and drive comfortably, ecologically and economically!