Find an LPG kit

Find an LPG kit that fits your car

Every engine requires properly matched LPG system components. Find the perfect autogas system for your car. An LPG system allows you to save money, enjoy smooth driving and protect the environment – provided that it is selected properly.

You already know the advantages of an LPG system and the benefits of using it. You may already be considering converting your car to use LPG or perhaps you've already decided to do so. Now it's time to find out which system is the best fit for your car. We have created a simple tool that allows you to quickly choose the optimal ALEX brand autogas system for your car. Introducing the "LPG Configurator by ALEX". Simply choose your engine's make, model, version, year of manufacture and engine code below to see information on the products that experts can use to adapt your vehicle to run on gas.

Configurator LPG

If you cannot find a standard LPG kit, please send a message to the ALEX Technical Department. Our engineers will help you choose a customised autogas installation specifically for your car. ALEX LPG systems are an excellent choice. We offer certified state-of-the-art components that are covered by warranty. System components are controlled by advanced electronics.

For the assembly of our systems, we recommend only the best LPG workshops employing experienced professionals who are familiar with our products and can recommend them to drivers with full confidence. Choosing their services gives you the certainty that they will select the right LPG kit for your car’s engine and properly install and adjust it.