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Contact the indicated LPG workshop and ask about the cost of a  gas system suitable for your car. Find out right away how quickly you can recoup the cost of an LPG system, how much cheaper you can fill up your fuel tank and how many more miles you can travel. Choose professional service and the highest-quality LPG kit.

Have you already decided that you want an autogas system? Now it’s time to choose where to install it. However, you cannot afford to leave finding experienced professionals to chance. Such people must be specialists who know their trade well and we guarantee that ALEX only works with the best.

Enter your location and click “check” button. We will point you to competent gas system installers in your area.

Choosing our recommended LPG workshops gives you the certainty that your new LPG system will be installed properly and your car will work smoothly for a  long time. By entrusting your car to professionals, you can be sure that your system will be safe, efficient and effective.

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Manufacturer of LPG systems – ALEX

As a leading manufacturer of LPG systems, we are known for the high quality and reliable components of our installations. Therefore, we attach great importance to the workshops we cooperate with. When we decide to assemble the installation, the most important thing is professional execution. Only thanks to this, the autogas system will work flawlessly and maintenance-free. In workshops recommended by the manufacturer of LPG systems – ALEX, fitters regularly undergo training on the selection of components, system design and its calibration for various car models. They are also the first to receive information about all technological innovations and additional functions related to the offered devices.


Why is it worth choosing LPG installations from the ALEX manufacturer?

By choosing the ALEX OPTIMA or ALEX IDEA systems, you can be sure that:

  • the manufacturer of LPG installations took care of the highest quality of materials, and also conducted thorough tests of components before releasing them to the market,
  • the devices will be functional, do not require interference with the original car system and are available at attractive prices,
  • the entire installation will be consistent and maximally efficient, because ALEXLPG offers full compatibility of the offered components,
  • the entire system will run very smoothly, regardless of the car model in which the installation will be installed – we also offer complete LPG systems for hybrid cars.

We encourage you to use the search engine for workshops in your area, cooperating with the manufacturer of ALEX LPG installations. We are sure that specialists in recommended places will provide the highest level of service.