ALEX LPG / Hybrid car with LPG

LPG systems

A hybrid car with an LPG system – can you even be more eco-friendly?

Hybrid cars are economical and environmentally friendly by design. Yet, they can be even cheaper to run and more ecological if their hybrid engine is powered using an LPG system. Although it sounds complicated, installing such a system is fairly easy. Nonetheless, it should be done by a professional and the gas system itself should be a complete kit made by a single manufacturer and also be compatible with the car.

How does it work?

A hybrid drive consists of 3 devices working together – an electric motor, an internal combustion engine and a battery pack. When braking and decelerating, the engine recovers energy that can be retained for use later on. The internal combustion engine is turned off as long as the batteries are charged. If they are not, the internal combustion engine turns on to run a generator that powers the electric motor. As you can see, fuel consumption is limited to a minimum. Hybrid cars typically use the electric motor when travelling at low speeds – mainly when driving around cities. On the other hand, they usually switch to the combustion engine when driving on motorways.

This is when the LPG system comes into play.

More savings

Installing a gas system in a hybrid car allows you to save even more money. It also brings you real benefits at low mileage – even for small, compact hybrid cars. After all, the internal combustion engine is still the primary propulsion in this case. Naturally aspirated petrol engines with indirect injection are particularly well-suited for LPG systems. You can be certain about recouping your expenses – it is just a matter of time and the miles driven.

Converting your hybrid car to run on LPG

The process of converting a petrol engine in a hybrid drive system to run on LPG is generally the same as in a regular petrol car. However, you must take into account that hybrids switch their power units very frequently. This means that the motors must switch on and off rapidly to work simultaneously or alternately. The LPG system of your choice must be designed to work in such conditions. It must allow the engine to start up when the car is already running (the so-called warm start-up). The ALEX system controllers handle this process very well thanks to their “Quick Start” feature.

The perfect team

Such a “hybrid hybrid” allows you to cover 100 kilometres for about PLN 11-12, and when including the cost of petrol used on the so-called cold start-up, for about PLN 14-15. A shockingly low amount, isn’t it? Besides, you also have to consider how much farther you can drive – you can cover 300-400 kilometres more on a single refuelling while also retaining the storage space in your car’s boot.

Synergy of benefits

Hybrid propulsion combined with an LPG systems offers you enormous potential. It is a guarantee of ecology, reliability, convenience, simple maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Such a car is significantly cheaper to drive around the city while also being more economical than ever on the motorway.

And the environmental benefits? They’re priceless.