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Installation of the LPG system

Installing autogas system in a car means savings of up to 50% in everyday use. As a result, equipping a car with LPG system pays for itself in a short period of use. For the investment to be profitable, it is necessary to select components from reputable companies and to carry out a professional installation of gas to the car. Only then will you be able to enjoy reliable installation and eco-friendly driving. To choose the right system for a specific car, use the LPG configurator, which will do it for you!

LPG system and its assembly – step by step

The assembly of the LPG system is always preceded by a thorough vehicle diagnostics, in particular, the electrical system is checked and OBD diagnostics is performed. LPG systems installed in a car require the correct selection of components such as: reducer, injectors, filter or controller. It is also necessary to plan the arrangement of the system elements so that at a later time, during servicing, there will be easy access to the filters of the liquid phase and the volatile phase. At this stage, the user also selects the place of installation of the control unit, i.e. the gas level indicator with a petrol/gas switch as well as the capacity and location of the LPG tank. Then the assembly of the mentioned components begins. After assembling the components, the mechanic calibrates (adjusts) the LPG system and it’s ready!

The basis for the assembly of the autogas system is to find experienced fitters who use certified and safe devices at work. If you want to find proven workshops that ensure a high level of services, use the map of recommended ALEX IDEA and ALEX OPTIMA installation workshops.

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