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LPG installation for a company car

It doesn't matter if your company has 1 passenger car or 100 buses. In both cases, you can reduce the cost of refueling the car fleet by up to 50%! And in a very simple way. We often look for complicated, difficult ways to optimize costs, and we forget about simple and effective solutions that can be implemented right away. Installing an LPG system in a company car is one of them.
How to save money on transport in your company?

How to save money on transport in your company?

LPG is currently the cheapest and most price stable fuel. Only electricity is cheaper, although its price has been going up recently. But already electric cars are very expensive. How to check if autogas will also work in your business?


Is it profitable to install an LPG system in a company car? With the price of LPG clearly below half the price of petrol, the decision to convert a company car or fleet to LPG can be made in a few minutes. Use the LPG calculator – check costs, savings and planned return on investment in autogas.


Every engine requires properly matched LPG system components. ALEX LPG installations can be easily adapted to virtually any car. Find out what type of installation fits your car.

3. Find a recommended LPG workshop

Are you determined to install LPG system? It’s time to choose an LPG workshop. Finding professionals cannot be a coincidence. These must be specialists who know their trade – we guarantee that ALEX works with the best.

4. Pay for refueling for half less :)

That’s it, with a gas installation you save up to 50% on each visit a petrol station. Companies that have decided to install LPG systems in company cars generate savings with each kilometer driven. By reducing the operating costs of the car fleet, you can use your funds much more effectively than burning them in fuel.

LPG for car fleets

The LPG fleet is certainly worth the attention of the managers of many companies. Why? Because autogas offers the greatest opportunities to reduce refueling costs and, at the same time, a well-developed refueling network throughout the country.

The savings we can achieve depend on the number of cars and the mileage covered. By refueling with autogas at the station, we will pay 50% less than when refueling with petrol. The difference is huge, and money is an argument that appeals to the toughest opponents of LPG. The funds saved on fuel are already a specific amount that can be invested in the development of the company.

Money is not everything. If your organization is managed in accordance with corporate social responsibility (CSR), the installation of LPG systems in company cars is an excellent argument to emphasize the commitment to sustainable development and attitude to the natural environment. According to the European Liquefied Gas Organization (AEGPL) driving on autogas means lower emissions of harmful combustion compounds – carbon monoxide emissions decrease by 60%, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides by 50%, and carbon dioxide – by 10%.

LPG courier car

LPG courier car

Do you deliver parcels, orders, food? You must be driving many kilometers. Installation of LPG system in this case is a very accurate investment that gives noticeable and undeniable savings. If you can pay half as much for fuel with an autogas installation, then why not?


Do you drive a taxi, BOLT, Uber or Taxify? If so, the LPG installation is simply created for the nature of your work. It doesn’t matter if you drive a car with a gasoline engine or a hybrid. By driving many kilometers a day, the installation of an LPG system will pay for itself in record time.