Barracuda Injector

A  premium-class injector. The success of this world-known, reliable LPG/CNG injector is in the details. It has been designed and manufactured in such a way so as to minimize the risk of the adhesion of contaminants (that are present in gas) to its internal surface.

The phenomenon of Barracuda also stems from other seals, made from specially designed fluoro-rubber blends (their exact composition a closely guarded company secret!). The designers applied modern nano-coatings as well as fluoropolymer coatings with a non-stick and anti-freeze function. They effectively protect injector components against harmful activity of physiochemical agents. Since the injector is small in size, it can be installed close to the petrol injector – on a hose of a minimal length. It increases the precision of gas feeding.

The Barracuda injector has won the hearts of many installers. It is ALEX’s award-winning product. It is recognized as a synonym of a reliable and efficient LPG injector in the whole world.