FLIPPER Injection Rail

On the one hand, it is a product of an excellent quality, on the other – it is available at a great price. It stands out thanks to the new design of pistons and compact casing. The application of a smaller and lighter piston made it possible to weaken the forces acting on it. This, among other things, guarantees FLIPPER’s reliability and speed.

Thanks to the original vulcanization process, the rubber components remain flexible for a longer time – they do not break down. It translates directly into the same dosage of fuel, even over a long period of injector use. This means that the injector will work reliably not only immediately after the installation but also even after covering a distance of 60 thousand km.

The seals are made of special fluoro-rubber compounds, and the injection rail itself is manufactured and tested in accordance with the American SAE J1832:2016 standard (created to standardize the production and measurements of petrol injectors). FLIPPER achieves good performance and a  long service life.