OCTOPUS Multi-valve

It serves a  very important function in a  gas system. It controls the gas flow during refueling and when the gas flows from the tank to other parts of the system. Its operation is based on simple and reliable mechanical solutions. This makes the use of the gas tank completely safe regardless of the circumstances, including ones as extreme as a traffic collision or a  car fire.

OCTOPUS combines all the safety devices necessary for the proper and reliable operation of the entire system. It integrates an electromagnetic valve, pressure relief device, excess flow valve, pressure relief valve, manual operating valve, non-return valve and an 80% filling limiter. OCTOPUS is made from carefully selected, high quality materials. It features a  brass body and polymer-glass composite components.

The OCTOPUS multi-valve, designed and manufactured by ALEX, has been extensively tested and is certified according to the latest European regulation – ECE 67R-01.