OPTIMA EXPERT is a professional controller with a built-in OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) module and an emulator of fuel pressure sensor. The advanced functions of the controller enable autoadapatation and direct communication with the car’s OBD. As a result, it is among the most mature controllers in the 4-6-8 cylinder class.

You can use some additional information on OPTIMA EXPERT. The controller, designed and manufactured in Poland, first and foremost guarantees greater-than-average savings. Moreover, its operation is intuitive. It has a novel control algorithm. It works with VALVETRONIC, Wankla, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with various types of petrol injection control, with many types of gas injectors and gas level sensors. It also reminds of upcoming gas system inspections and has the “Quick start” function as well as full short circuit and overload protection. It supports LPG and CNG. It meets the EURO 6 exhaust cleanliness standard.