The OPTIMA nano system is a  complete kit for converting your car to run on gas. Its most important part is the innovative OPTIMA nano controller, available in sets that include either the SHARK or TURBOT reducers, which are also well-known on the market. The sets are complemented by FLIPPER, Barracuda and Super B injectors, as well as Ultra360° centrifugal filters.

The OPTIMA nano controller – the system’s brain – is the most advanced sequential gas injection control computer in its class (24-pin connector). It is designed for cars with various types of indirect fuel injection systems. The innovative algorithm of the control precisely adjusts the dose of gas to the operating conditions and engine load in full range of its operation. This way, it reduces gas consumption. One of the controller’s great advantages is the ability to connect it to a  standard external OBD interface (On-Board Diagnostics – the car’s onboard system that enables self-diagnostics), which helps to perfectly tune the gas system.

The OPTIMA nano kit can be easily installed in almost any car model, and additionally, choosing the original ALEX system gives you the certainty that you are using a  reliable, highest-quality LPG system with all components produced in-house by a  single manufacturer. This is our competitive advantage – we guarantee maximum compatibility of all components we offer.