The OPTIMA nano control is a computer that controls sequential gas injection. It is the most advanced device in its class. It is designed for cars with various types of indirect fuel injection systems. The innovative algorithm of the control precisely adjusts the dose of gas to the operating conditions and engine load in full range of its operation. This way, it reduces gas consumption.

The OPTIMA nano computer is compact, quick to install and intuitive in use. Importantly – it provides greater-than-average savings. It works with VALVETRONIC, Wankla, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with various types of petrol injection control, with many types of gas injectors and gas level sensors. It also reminds of upcoming gas system inspections and has the “Quick start” function as well as full short circuit and overload protection. It supports LPG and CNG.

OPTIMA nano is the first system in Poland that meets the EURO 6 standard of exhaust cleanliness.