OPTIMA PICO is an innovative controller for 3- and 4-cylinder engines with indirect fuel injection. It is a compact, functional, versatile and affordable computer. Its small size and simplified design make it easy to install and adjust the system and guarantee little interference in the original layout of the engine. The OPTIMA PICO controller contains all tools necessary for the conversion of your car to LPG/CNG.

OPTIMA PICO works with VALVETRONIC and Wankla as well as naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. It is compatible with different types of petrol injection control and many types of gas injectors. It also reminds of upcoming gas system inspections and has the “Quick start” function as well as full short circuit and overload protection. It allows an emergency start of the engine on gas and has the option of quickly switching off the LPG/CNG system. It is the right choice for those looking for a reliable control computer at a reasonable price.