RGB control panel

A  switch indicating the type of fuel used by your car – gasoline/gas, which is distinguished by its minimalist design. It is designed for ALEX OPTIMA and ALEX IDEA systems. It is available in a  recessed (CRGB V1) or external (CRGB V2) variant. Its housing is made of a  special aluminum alloy. Its modern aesthetics correspond to the style of today’s car dashboards.

The RGB control panel is equipped with SMD RGB diodes. Their intensity and colour can be customised based on your preferences. The housing is sleek and small, with a  symmetrical shape.

Apart from indicating the current type of power supply, the control panel also shows the gas level in the tank, allows you to choose the type of fuel used, and enables you to start your engine using gas in emergencies. A  built-in buzzer indicates low LPG fuel level, change of fuel type and the need for maintenance.