SHARK 1200

A single-stage gas pressure reducer for LPG systems in engines with a power of up to 110 KW/150KM. It reduces pressure and evaporates the propane/butane supplying the engine. It maintains pressure at a proper level, which ensures optimal operation conditions for the entire system. SHARK 1200 has a unique innovative design. It ensures proper operation of the system in difficult climatic conditions.

The original design of the membrane guarantees maximum performance and no pressure drops within the full load range. When designing the reducer, ALEX took into account the possibility of installing it in two planes. It often really helps the installer.

SHARK is equipped with a gas filter in liquid phase and a solenoid valve with increased flow. We were the first company in Poland to use a valve with a diameter of 8 mm. It ensures unrestricted gas flow. And they are quite noticeable at high expenditures if standard solutions are applied. The high quality of this solution guarantees maximum performance as well as long-term and failure-free use.