A single-stage gas pressure reducer for LPG systems in engines with a power of up to 260HP. To take full advantage of its power, install it together with the LPG-MAX solenoid valve with increased gas flow as TURBOT 1200 does not have an integrated solenoid valve shutting off gas.

We guarantee the highest quality of this device as we have full control over its production process – from the beginning to the end. The casting-free body of the reducer is manufactured in our modern ALEX CNC machining centre. All raw materials and components used for the production have quality certificates.

High pressure efficiency of the regulator is achieved through the use of a gas regulator with increased flow rate (its flap/lever mechanism guarantees reliability and maintenance-free operation even if the gas fuel is highly contaminated). TURBOT 1200 has a very high thermal efficiency because we manufactured it from a base material with high thermal conductivity. This is what ensures a stable gas temperature at high evaporator loads. The regulator also has an internal pressure relief valve to ensure safe operation. TURBOT 1200 works perfectly with all gas injection systems.