Ultra360° Filter

The Ultra360° gravity filter provides effective LPG fuel filtration and superior ergonomics.

Our goal is to effectively protect the injectors from impurities present in LPG. Therefore, we developed an original design of the filtering unit. The filtration proceeds as follows: the gas introduced into the filter is put into a swirling motion and directed down the body. In the process (due to swirling motion, centrifugal force and inertial force), the solid particles and liquid oily fractions present in the gas are centrifuged and retained at the bottom. The filter cartridge cleans the gas that is already returning upwards from the remaining minor impurities.

The high filtration efficiency is a result of the polyester filter cartridge specially designed by ALEX. Such a cartridge is composed of special nonwoven fabrics (with better filtration efficiency than paper and absorption paper, and a different mechanism of retaining contaminant particles).

To ensure accurate filtration over a long period of time, the surface area of the filter material should be as large as possible. In Ultra360°, we met this requirement by pleating the filter cartridge without increasing the size of the filter. Confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the filter is confirmed by its compliance with ISO 9001.