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ALEX IDEA – a system for modern direct injection engines


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ALEX IDEA is an innovative gas conversion kit for cars equipped with direct-injection petrol engines (i.e. TSI, FSI, TFSI, GDI, T-GDI, EcoBoost, SkyActiv, DISI, JTS, TBI, SIDI, DIG, DIG-T and TCE). It provides you with an above-average fuel economy. Thanks to specially control algorithms, it uses only 5-15% of petrol while competitive systems of this type require the injection of almost 20-30% of it.

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Proven long-distance performance

ALEX IDEA kits have been subjected to long-distance tests on many vehicles. The testing has confirmed that all components work together optimally to ensure safe and economical driving. This gives us the certainty that our proprietary ALEX IDEA system is both efficient and reliable.

The perfect configuration

The perfect configuration

ALEX IDEA systems are available in several versions and configurations. Its most important components include the ALEX IDEA controller, fuel pressure emulator, Barracuda or Super B injectors, SHARK or TURBOT reducers, Ultra360º filters, PTS-01 mapsensor, RGB switch, OCTOPUS multivalve, gas level sensor and electric wire harness.

Why is a small proportion of gasoline necessary?

In direct injection engines, petrol injectors are placed directly in the combustion chambers, and their tips are exposed to high temperature and the effects of combustion products. Therefore, the injectors need gasoline to clean them, and the flowing fuel to cool them. So the LPG system for direct injection engines should not permanently disable the gasoline injectors.

The amount of gasoline used for cleaning and cooling the injectors may vary, depending on the capabilities / algorithms of the gas controller and the requirements of a given car model. In the ALEX IDEA System, the proportion of gasoline most often is between 5% and 10%. In more complex power units it can be about 15%.

Professional installation services

To ensure your system works perfectly, you should entrust its installation only to professionals. Expert installers will select kit components that are suitable for the specific car. As a car gas system manufacturer, we work closely with the best workshops that offer gas system installation services. Use the search engine to find the nearest workshop that can fit your car with an ALEX autogas system.