LPG allows you to protect the environment and lets you save money by enabling you
to travel farther for the same amount of money and reducing your car's operating costs.
Autogas is the smart choice!

Your LPG system must be reliable.

This is determined by two key factors – the system’s brand and quality.
As a driver, you determine both.

  • Reliable technology
  • More savings
  • Experience
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Solutions you can trust
  • Ecology

Experts recommend ALEX autogas solutions

We win more awards every single year. As engineers and automotive enthusiasts, we are especially proud of industry awards from experts.

Find an LPG kit that fits your car

Every engine requires properly matched LPG system components.
Find the perfect system for your car.

Ask about ALEX systems at your workshop

Reliable design, low failure rate and cutting-edge solutions that make installers’ work easier. All this encourages the best car workshops to offer ALEX gas systems.

What do drivers think about ALEX systems?

I have this system along with a Turbot 1200 reducer. The engine works quietly and smoothly, the process of switching to gas is smooth (exactly like on petrol) and there is no jerking or anything like that. Also, the system is perfectly sealed – no odours whatsoever. I am very satisfied with optima expert and can recommend it to other drivers.

Sebastian / gazeo.pl
Car: BMW 3 series

I finally came across a gas system that I am completely satisfied with. The engine runs quietly and smoothly when using it, just like on petrol. I have already driven 70,000 km using this system, and at this point, I can easily say that this is a great product with quality components.

ALEX OPTIMA EXPERT kit User / gazeo.pl
Car: Chrysler Voyager

100% yes. I wasn’t entirely familiar with gas system manufacturers, but this one was suggested to me. I recommend it.

Antoni Z. / gazeo.pl
Car: Alfa Romeo 147

You don’t even notice the autogas system is on. It’s all been smooth and maintenance-free so far, with just one filter change (and probably some adjustment). Highly recommended!

Oli / gazeo.pl

The car drives smoothly and I don’t really feel any difference between running on gas compared to petrol. Yet, I only pay half as much at the gas station 🙂

Koszykarz / gazeo.pl

I drove 50,000 km on gas in 2 years. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. It all works perfectly and with zero issues, and I hope that the system will serve me for a long time to come 🙂

Martin / gazeo.pl

I can recommend it; I have already driven 40,000 km using it. No problems with either using or adjusting the system. I drive about 60-80 km every day, both in cities and on motorways. I am very pleased because I’ve already saved a really substantial amount. I plan to fit my other cars with gas systems too – it just pays off.

Marek / gazeo.pl

As for LPG systems, Optima by ALEX is the best one. Based on my friends’ feedback, I can see that I’ve made the right choice. The complete Optima kit is a great deal, it has great controllers, proven reducers and injectors and is overall a very well optimised LPG system. You are bound to find the right kit for you because Optima is available in several variants. I am fully satisfied with it.

Marek / gazeo.pl

Professionals who know everything about LPG. Let’s hope for more companies like this.

Paweł R. / google.com

I recommend it. Professional company. Systems known both in Poland and around the world. A good product at a good price and in decent packaging.

Wojciech Ku / google.com

Hello, I can personally recommend them for anyone who wants a gas system for their car. I am very happy with the system they have installed for me. Professional service and support. It’s already the seventh year since I’ve had it installed and it’s been great so far. 👌

Jarek Różalski / google.com

After driving 10,000 km and 4 months since the system’s installation, I can say that the mechanics have done a really good job. My Corsa runs flawlessly and the gas comes on quickly; the only downside is that the gauge doesn’t quite reflect the actual gas level in the tank, though we are talking about a gas that expands and compresses after all. The system looks aesthetically pleasing under the hood. I highly recommend it.

Adriana Rudzik / google.com
Car: Opel Corsa