How to find the engine code?

Often, when asking for the price of assembly of an LPG installation, the installers ask for the engine code. Depending on the car make, the engine code may be located in different places. In this post, we explain where to find the engine code.


Engine code in service book

The easiest way to find the engine code is to check it in the car’s service book. The back of the cover should contain information such as:

  • car production date
  • VIN number
  • paint codes
  • gearbox information
  • equipment
  • engine code.


Engine code on the rating plate

The same information – including the engine code – can also be found on the car’s rating plate. Depending on the car make and model, the nameplate may be located in different places, most often:

  • in the engine compartment, when standing in front of the car’s open bonnet, look on the left side, right behind the coolant tank
  • on the cam cover
  • near the gearbox
  • on the B-pillar when the front door is opened, on the driver’s or passenger’s side.

Sometimes the engine code is so hidden that the easiest way is to google search for: “[car model with engine] engine code” 😉



Engine code on a sticker in the trunk

A rather unusual place where we can find the engine code is the trunk. Let’s take a look at the space for the spare / temporary wheel – there should be a sticker on the right side of the recess. We will find the most important data about the vehicle, incl. engine code, paint code and VIN.

If the car does not have room for a spare, the sticker may be stuck under the boot trim/mat, usually on the left side.



How to check the engine code by VIN?

Unfortunately, the engine code is not directly included in the VIN number. However, if we want to check the engine code only with vin number, we can use online vin decoders online. After entering the vin number, we should receive basic data about the vehicle, including the engine code.


Is the engine code in the registration certificate?

We will NOT find the engine code in the car registration. The only document where you can find the engine code is in the vehicle book.