LPG: Lean and Green

Installing a gas system in a car is a solution that allows you to significantly reduce its operating costs. How is it in terms of environmental protection? Is the use of LPG really so ecological?

When using LPG fuel, 20% less carbon compounds are produced than when using gasoline. Moreover, LPG does not emit sulfur and lead compounds, and nitrogen emissions are lower than with other fossil fuels. You do not believe? Read on 🙂

Fossil fuels vs LPG

In the study “Local Air Quality” we read that LPG has a higher energy value compared to other fuels with a simple molecular structure. It is its molecular structure that makes it one of the fuels with a lower emission of pollutants than other fossil fuels.

The structure of the molecules that make up gasoline and diesel oil is much richer in carbon than in the case of LPG. Therefore, in the products of gasoline and diesel fuel combustion, the percentage of carbon monoxide particles produced is much greater than in the case of LPG combustion.

Autogas, as a fuel used in transport, is a source of cleaner energy that is safe for our environment. According to the European Liquefied Gas Organization (AEGPL), combustion of LPG emits about 20% less carbon compounds than gasoline, without producing sulfur and lead compounds. Moreover, the emission of nitrogen compounds is lower than in the case of diesel or gasoline, also in terms of the emission of air aerosols (PM).

Gas installation in a car and environmental safety – LPG or electric car?

Due to the relatively high price of electric cars and in relation to the EU requirements related to the composition and level of exhaust emissions, LPG is a great alternative to other fossil fuels. In order to save on the use of a vehicle, we often decide to install an LPG system in it – it is a much cheaper solution than buying an electric car, which, in addition, will not work on longer routes. Its opponents, however, argue that it has a detrimental effect on the environment. What is it really like and is it worth considering the installation of LPG system?

The use of LPG, above all, significantly reduces the costs associated with the use of the vehicle. It does not require a significant budget investment already at the installation assembly stage. Moreover, in the case of relatively greener electric vehicles, most people do not take into account the fact that – although they do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere – the energy they use is stored in lithium-ion batteries. These, in turn, are produced with the use of heavy metals, the extraction of which not only involves the exploitation of non-renewable resources, but also often takes place with the use of processes harmful to the environment.

installing a gas system golf

Photo. 1 – Important! Only a properly selected and installed good-quality gas installation will reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. If these conditions are met, both our wallet and the environment will benefit.


Although there are opponents to the use of LPG installations, it is actually much more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels. What’s more, it is a solution available to everyone, because it does not require high financial outlays. Therefore, it can be said without the slightest doubt that it is an affordable and ecological way to reduce the emission of gases harmful to the environment. We, as drivers, have a real impact on the environment, and the best solutions are at our fingertips. Less greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere is a factor to which we should pay more and more attention.


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