The SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer awarded as the Product of the Year 2022

The adaptive LPG reducer SHARK BFE ADAPT was awarded in the Product of the Year 2022 competition. We are proud that once again we have been appreciated by experts, and our solutions are one of the most important and innovative on the Polish market. What distinguishes the awarded reducer and how does it work?


How does the adaptive SHARK BFE ADAPT LPG reducer work?

A unique reducer designed for modern, because demanding engines with direct and indirect gasoline injection. Why special? Because it adapts itself to the engine loads, thus increasing the efficiency of LPG installations. We already explain how it works 😉

In standard regulators, the gas pressure remains constant or minimally drops during acceleration. And in amazing SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer, the gas pressure increases in direct proportion to the pressure in the manifold. In practice, this makes it possible to reconcile idle and high loads. The efficiency of the LPG system increases and gas injectors can deliver more gas at higher load and higher RPM.


Diagram of differential pressure against engine power in the Opel Insignia 1.5T 165 KM. This is the difference between a standard reducer (SHARK BFE 1500) and an adaptive reducer (SHARK BFE ADAPT).


In addition, small dimensions and no integrated solenoid valve and liquid phase filter facilitate assembly in the tight space of the engine compartment. A flap valve provides exceptional resistance to contamination contained in LPG fuel.


The gas outlet has been increased to a diameter of 16 mm in order to obtain the maximum efficiency of the entire gas system.

To sum up, the innovative SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer:
  • builds up gas pressure as a function of engine load
  • increases the efficiency of the gas installation
  • supports engines up to 250HP
  • it is extremely resistant to dirt.
Visit the product page and get to know it even better.


The SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer was awarded the Product of the Year 2022

The competition organized by the editors of the autoEXPERT monthly is a review of the most valuable and innovative automotive products of this year. We are all the more pleased that we are among this year’s winners.
The official awarding of distinctions and titles of the Product of the Year 2022 took place during a videoconference, which took place on September 22, 2022. As part of this event, an online meeting of the representatives of the Chapter and companies awarded in the competition was held.