What is the lifetime of the LPG installation and how often should it be serviced?

The best method that will allow for trouble-free use of a gas car is its proper servicing and regular inspections of LPG installations. Check how often they should be performed and what should be checked during them.

The principle of using individual elements of the car is quite simple. If they are to function properly, they must be taken care of. This is the easiest way to extend the life of your car parts. It is no different with an LPG installation. It also only works well when properly cared for and guaranteed on a regular basis.


Overview LPG installations – how often, how many km?

When it comes to servicing LPG installations, what matters is not so much the needs of the entire system, but its individual parts. Each of them has different requirements that must be met if you want to keep the LPG installation in the best condition. How often should the gas system in the car be inspected?

Inspections should be performed regularly – the service visit interval is once a year or every 10,000 km. The best period for an LPG inspection is spring – in winter the installation is used in the toughest conditions, so it is a good time to inspect the used parts.

Moreover, a car with an autogas installation, must every year undergo a mandatory technical inspection (the diagnostician checks, among others, the tank approval certificate and the installation method). In addition to the recommended visits, it is worth visiting the workshop whenever we notice any disturbing symptoms / faults in the installation.

The gas tank requires verification every 10 years. After this time, it should be re-legalized or replaced for new. This is due to the fact that the gas tank is an element that must withstand a lot of pressure. The approximate cost of obtaining a new approval (depending, among others, on the type of tank or its age), should not exceed PLN 250.


 servicing LPG installations

Photo. 1 – Computer diagnostics allows you to check errors, check the gas and petrol controller, and if necessary – tune or update the LPG installation software.


How much does LPG service cost?

Servicing LPG installations is of course associated with additional costs, fortunately they are relatively small. The cost of about 100-120 PLN (labor + parts) for the annual maintenance pays off with a considerable interest in the form of lower fuel bills. If additional defects are detected, you should take into account a larger bill. Additional expenses include the cost of annual technical tests of a car equipped with an LPG installation, which is 161 PLN (instead of the standard 99 PLN).


What steps should be taken as part of the review?

  • Computer diagnostics – gas and petrol controller control. Connecting the computer to the computer allows you to check for possible errors, and if necessary – fine-tune the installation software.
  • Gas filter replacement – there are usually two types of filters in the installation – vapor and liquid phase filter. Both filters must be replaced at each system inspection. Allowing the filters to become very dirty may result in damage to the reducer and / or the injectors!
  • Checking the reducer – if you feel uneven engine operation (especially when idling), be sure to report it to the mechanic performing the inspection .
  • Leak test – a gas detector checks the tightness of connections and components of the entire LPG system. Under no circumstances must the gas leak! So if you feel an unpleasant smell of gas – make an appointment to the service!
  • Check the wires – the condition of the wires and insulation, electrical contacts and the gas bus located under the car are checked.
  • Checking hoses and clamps – all rubber hoses and clamps must be inspected.

In cars with gas installation, it is also worth remembering about more frequent checking the condition of electrical system, candles, wires or checking the condition of coolant. As you can see, each part of the LPG system requires a slightly different treatment. Some work shorter, others longer, but all of them are equally important, and actually necessary for the proper operation of a gas car.


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