How do LPG injectors work and what is their role?

Car LPG installations consist of many parts, each of which plays an important role. Also, LPG systems are made up of many elements that ensure its proper operation. One of the most important one is the LPG fuel injector. LPG injectors are the key elements of modern LPG installations. They are mounted individually or combined in a rail. The injectors are elements that are made of high-quality materials and with great precision.


What do LPG fuel injectors do?

Gas injectors are responsible for precise dosing of LPG fuel fed to the engine. Clean LPG fuel prepared by the reducer and filters, goes to the injectors and, as a result, enters the intake manifold (to each intake channel separately) and the engine combustion chambers. The moment of injecting gas into individual channels of the intake manifold is the same as the sequence of the engine’s work on gasoline.


How to properly install LPG injectors?

Regardless of whether the injectors are they are mounted on the rail, or individually they should be as close as possible to the fuel injections. In the case of the strip, its position must be selected so that the wires are short and their length is the same. LPG injectors must be rigid and stationary so that they cannot move. It is also important that their nozzles are down (in a position as close to vertical as possible) or at a certain angle (max. Deflection angle is 90′). If they are not specified otherwise, the risk of faster deposition of contaminants on them increases.


Why are fuel injectors one of the most important parts of the gas supply system?

Among other things, because they significantly influence the way the drive unit works. Their principle of operation is not so different from the injectors used in gasoline engines. The electromagnet plays an important role in the activity of these parts. It allows you to change the location of the element that opens the gas flow. As a result, LPG gets into the intake channels. When assembling this element, be as precise as possible. First of all, it is important to properly adjust the parameters of the injector to the car.


How to care for LPG injectors?

The best form of caring for the condition of LPG injectors is refueling with good quality fuel , as well as regular filter replacement of the liquid and vapor phase and cleaning the reducer. Therefore, it is worth remembering about the proper servicing of the installation in specialized workshops.

To sum up, fuel injectors are parts without which no LPG installation can do. That is why it is worth ensuring that they are of the best quality. Thanks to this, they will be able to properly perform their function. Their efficient operation is a prerequisite for the comfortable operation of a car running on gas and for obtaining satisfactory fuel consumption and good performance.