7 reasons why you should have an LPG installation

Find out about the most important advantages of a gas installation and see why you should choose this technology.

LPG is a fuel half cheaper than gasoline or diesel. Poland is in the forefront of countries with the most gas-fired cars on the roads. Installing a gas system in a car brings numerous benefits – find out how much you will gain by choosing a set appropriately selected for your vehicle.


Why is it worth installing LPG system?

LPG installation is a guarantee of safe and trouble-free operation of the vehicle while increasing its efficiency – driving on gas is much more economical.


Advantages of LPG installations:

  1. LPG is cheaper than gasoline and diesel, usually by half

    Using LPG will allow us to reduce costs by up to half , compared to those for gasoline. So although the installation itself may seem expensive, the money spent on its purchase and installation will be returned to us very quickly – even after driving 10,000 km.
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  2. LPG is ecological

    An additional advantage of LPG is the fact that these installations are much more ecological compared to other variants. LPG is the cleanest fossil fuel. Gas combustion is associated with a significantly reduced emission of toxic substances into the atmosphere, and therefore does not contribute to the production of hazardous smog.
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  3. Possibility of different types of fuel and bigger range

    Converting cars to LPG fueling does not exclude alternative power sources – if necessary, we can switch it back to using gasoline, and thanks to this, we can cover a much longer distance.

  4. LPG installations are very durable, safe and refined systems

    In addition, LPG system is as durable as petrol system – thanks to the high octane number (100-110) increasing the gas resistance to knocking combustion. This gives the possibility of greater ignition advance, and thus improved engine performance. The use of gas does not cause corrosion, so the vehicle powered by it will work efficiently and without failure for longer. What’s more, it also does not cause fuel condensation or the formation of sediment in engine oil.

  5. LPG installations are one of the safest systems in cars

    Restrictive standards and technology provide for protection at higher levels. level than the security of the gasoline fuel system in a standard car. The tanks withstand much more than typical road situations can bring.

  6. Driving with an LPG system pays off not only for high mileage, but also for short mileage

    The amount of expenses on gasoline compared to autogas it is really electrifying. In the case of diesel, the numbers are smaller, but still noticeable and considerable, especially over several years. The numbers do not lie – even with low mileage, driving on gas still pays off, only the payback time for the installation is extended or shortened.

  7. Versatility

    Until recently it was believed that LPG installations are only suitable for old cars with simple engines. Fortunately, technology is moving forward and nowadays car models that cannot be fitted with LPG systems are rare exceptions. LPG installations will work well in many models, with indirect injection engines, but also those with injection direct and in hybrids. Just go to a trusted garage and ask for help from professionals.

  8. A gas-powered engine “lives” longer

    LPG is introduced into optimal form – gas cylinders, thanks to the physical properties of LPG. Thanks to this, ignition is smoother and more effective, and the protective layer of engine oil is not “washed away” from the cylinder walls. All this translates into extended engine life. No wonder that designers have been trying for years to ensure that gasoline also gets into the combustion chambers in the form of gas.



Modern gas installations are technologically advanced systems that do not have much in common with solutions from years ago. They no longer require frequent adjustments, do not deteriorate performance, and if correctly installed and adjusted, they do not cause faults of the engine and its accessories.


Safe and efficient LPG installation – only from a proven manufacturer

In order to increase the safety and convenience of LPG, it is worth having an experienced specialist install it. It should also be remembered that the only guarantee of efficient and trouble-free use of the installation is the selection of compatible high-quality components – preferably in the form of an original LPG installation set.

It should be remembered that many of the problems faced by LPG-powered cars do not result from the properties of this fuel, but errors made during the selection and assembly of the installation. So if we decide to install an autogas system in the car, let’s use the offer of a service that has experience and specialist knowledge.

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