Dodge Challenger 5.7 HEMI with ALEX OPTIMA LPG System

The Challenger not only reminds you that Dodge used to make incredibly beautiful cars. Using history – he writes history. True Legend. However, in order to master its fuel consumption, we tamed it with the ALEX LPG installation 😉


The client’s goal was to reduce travel costs. Have we succeeded? Let’s check ;-). Before installation, gasoline consumption was on average 14l/100km. After installation, the car burns about 16l of LPG per 100km. At the current fuel prices (average nationwide retail prices in [PLN/l] 23.03.2022: Pb 95 – PLN 6.59/l, LPG – PLN 3.79/l):

  • The cost of travelling 1000 km BEFORE the installation of the LPG system: 922,60 zł

  • The cost of travelling 1000 km AFTER the installation of the LPG system: 606,40 zł


Assuming 2,500km monthly mileage:

  • Annually you will save: 9 134 zł

  • In 5 years you will save: 45 668 zł

Really nice result! It’s nice to fuel up ;-).


Dodge Challenger 5.7 HEMI 380KM

The fuel-consuming monster has been tamed by specialists from the Auto-Gaz Relax workshop and is already traversing Polish roads with an LPG installation ALEX OPTIMA. 👊

🔹 Controller: OPTIMA EXPERT
🔹 Injectors: Barracuda
🔹 Filter: 2x Ultra360
🔹 Reducer: 2x Magic Power
🔹 Mapsensor: PTS-01
🔹 OPTIMA switch
🔹 Fuel filler under the flap.