Great Wall Poer 2.0T 2022 + LPG ALEX IDEA system

Two facts about the Great Wall: 1. it is not visible from space, 2. you can install an LPG system in it. We were also surprised by the existence and name of this Chinese car brand. And this particular model – Poer – has just been retrofitted with our LPG System.


The Great Wall of China on wheels? Oh wait

Did you know that the Great Wall of China is not only the name of one of the most famous buildings in the world, but also a car brand? Neither do we [we are still laughing :D]. The name of the model – Poer – comes from the English word “Power” and refers to the features of a strong and comfortable pickup. Let’s see what this monster hides inside. 😉


Great Wall Motors Poer – Chinese pickup with Polish LPG system

The car is almost 5.5 meters long and almost 2 meters high – it is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0 engine with direct petrol injection with a power of 188 HP. In our opinion, quite a small engine for such dimensions ;). We also have a 4×4 drive, a large trunk and … ALEX IDEA LPG installation.


LPG installation for Great Wall car – ALEX IDEA system

? Great Wall Poer 2.0T 188 HP 140kW 4WD 2022
⏩ Direct Injection (DI)
The LPG ALEX IDEA set was installed:
? Controller: ALEX IDEA 4 cyl.
? Injectors: Barracuda
? Filter: Ultra360
? Switch: RGB




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