ALEX IDEA – for direct injection

The ALEX IDEA computer is a sequential injection of gas in volatile phase for petrol engines with direct fuel injection. Modern solutions applied in the controller enable conversion of popular engines with direct fuel injection to LPG. The system can be applied in most cars equipped with electromagnetic injectors.

ALEX IDEA ensures exceptional savings in the consumption of the fuel used for cooling and cleaning petrol injectors. A specially designed control algorithm uses only 5-15% of petrol while competitive systems of this type require the injection of almost 20-30% of fuel. It has an integrated OBD support module and a dedicated petrol injector emulator. The system, the core of which is the IDEA controller, received an honourable mention in the 2019 Product of the Year competition organised by the publisher of the “autoEXPERT” automotive magazine.

ALEX IDEA controllers have aluminum housings dedicated to automotive. Their assembly is quick. They cooperate with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, with many types of gas injectors and many types of gas level sensors. They have a function reminding you to inspect the gas installation, full short-circuit and overload protection. They enable emergency engine start on gas.