Passat 2.0 TSI 2017 dual injection + ALEX IDEA LPG System

Michał from the recommended LPG workshop Silesia Cars Katowice welcomes you in the next video. This time he will talk about the installation of the LPG system in the Passat B8. The engine has direct dual injection (DI + MPI), so it will be perfectly served by the ALEX IDEA System.


Passat 2.0 TSI 2017 B8 – How does the dual injection system work (DI+MPI)?

The star of our entry is the Volkswagen Passat B8 2.0 TSI from 2017. The engine with the code CHHB and 220 HP has direct dual injection (DI + MPI). The unit is quite supercharged – 1.2 bar of boost, together with the 7-speed DSG automatic transmission, gives us a very dynamic car. But how does direct dual injection work?

There are 2 injectors per cylinder. One in indirect injection, the other in direct injection. This engine, with a steady drive of 100 km/h, works on indirect injection, i.e. 100% of the petrol is replaced by LPG – we do not use any petrol, not a gram. However, during more dynamic, faster driving or when accelerating, the injection system switches from indirect to direct injection. That’s when we ‘add up’ gasoline.

In the discussed Volkswagen, the expected fuel consumption is 0.6 liters of petrol per 100 km. To sum up – the potential of this car in terms of LPG installation is underestimated. The installation cost itself is relatively high, but with today’s fuel prices, it pays for itself quickly. And the fact that the share of gasoline is so small has a very good effect on the economy of this investment. 🙂

From the point of view of adapting this car to run on autogas, this car is a very interesting case, but thanks to the components used, the car runs on gas in the full range of loads (of course with petrol injection).



LPG installation: ALEX IDEA system

Car: Volkswagen Passat B8 2.0 TSI 220KM 2017
Engine code: CHHB – Dual injecition (DI + MPI)

Assembly workshop:
Silesia Cars – Instalacje Gazowe Katowice
Pukowca 15, 40-847 Katowice, Poland
Phone: 500 222 759 /


LPG system for dual injection

ALEX IDEA 2.0 Controller

The ALEX IDEA 2.0 (dual) controller supports 3 and 4-cylinder engines, also with mixed (dual) petrol injection, collecting signals simultaneously from two types of injection. Therefore, only one LPG system goes under the hood – we save money and space, and we gain on the aesthetics of assembly. The controller, by counting all the signals from the petrol injectors, is able to translate them to the gas injectors installed in the intake manifold.


SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer and Barracuda 130 injectors, which is a perfect duo

The SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer is dedicated to turbocharged cars, where it can show off its characteristics. How? It independently increases the gas pressure, adjusting it to the current engine load. What does it look like in practice? For example, when overtaking, you need to accelerate strongly, the turbine turns on, there is a sudden increase in load. At this point, the demand for fuel – gas is rapidly increasing. This is where the ADAPT reducer comes in. It increases the gas pressure, thus “processing” and passing on the increased – adequate dose of gaseous fuel. You can read more about the operation of the SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer in this article.

At this point, gas injectors should be mentioned, which also need to have increased efficiency in order to be able to receive and pass on such a dose of gas. This task is ideal for Barracuda injectors with an increased efficiency of 130 Nl/min. Fast, durable, efficient and well-known in the entire LPG industry. The result of such cooperation is the increased efficiency of the entire LPG system and driving on gas in the full range of loads.




Are you thinking about installing LPG in your car? Use the LPG Calculator and check the profitability of your investment, find an LPG kit for your car or search for a recommended LPG workshop in your area. If you have any questions, go ahead – just ask the ALEX expert.